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The Law Office of Jack L. Townsend, Sr., P.A. along with Edwards and Ragatz, P.A, has filed a Complaint against the City of Temple Terrace seeking class action status to determine the legality and appropriateness of the red light cameras installed within the City of Temple Terrace.

Initial Order in Favor of Plaintiffs: Judge Finds Temple Terrace Red Light Ordinance Improper. Read ruling here.
View the Red Light Camera Complaint: Filed against the City of Temple Terrace
Tampa Tribune Northeast News reporter Joyce McKenzie,: Law suit filed against city's red light camera program
Tampa Tribune reporter Rich Shopes: Red light cameras get waived through
Fox News reporter Gloria Gomex: Man sues city over red light cameras
USF's The Oracle Correspondent Martin Bater: Red light cameras not quite legal
BayNews 9 Report: Red light cameras nab thousands of drivers
City of Temple Terrace Pamphlet: Temple Terrace Automated Traffic Light Enforcement...What you should know about the city's traffic camera program
Born to Ride Magazine, Sept 2009, article by Roque: News as Rogue sees it: "Florida: Lawsuits challenge Red Light Cameras Legality"
More accidents caused by red lights: USF Public Health Policy Professions study: Red Light Running Cameras: Would Crashes, Injuries and Automobile Insurance Rates Increase if they are used in Florida? Written by Barbara Langland-Orban, Ph.D, MSPH; Etienne E. Pracht, Ph.D, John T. Large, Ph.D
The News Paper, A Journal of the Politics of Driving, Scholars Uncover Flaws in Red Light Camera Research: Click Here
Virginia Transportation Research Council Research Report: The Impact of Red Light Cameras
St. Pete Times, Rich Shopes, Times Coorespondent: in print 11/29/09: "Red-Light Cameras Hunting Down Drivers in Temple Terrace, Hillsborough County"

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